Writer of YA Books and Things.

Sara Saedi was born in Tehran, Iran smack-dab in the middle of a war and an Islamic Revolution. She entered the world to the sounds of bombs exploding near the hospital and though her memory of the day is a bit fuzzy, the life and death stakes surrounding her birth prepared Sara for the writing life. (Obviously.) Once a creative executive for ABC Daytime, Sara now writes novels for teens and TV for everyone. Credits include the ABC Daytime web series What If(she won an Emmy), the FOX sitcom The Goodwin Games, and most importantly, discovering that Scott Foley is even hotter in person.

These days, Sara writes for the CW’s iZombie and is excited about the release of her debut novel, Never Ever. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her pug, Mabel, who pretty much outshines everyone.

History of A Writer: Sara Saedi Edition.

  • 1984: Writes first tragic romance. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl when he kills her cat in an unfortunate hunting accident, boy buys new cat and gets girl back.
  • 1991: Writes book about her best friend taking their entire 6th grade class hostage. Strangely enough, her parents aren’t brought in for a parent/teacher conference.
  • 1996: Takes acting classes at the Young A.C.T. in San Francisco. Realizes she should stick to writing.
  • 2005: Moves to Los Angeles to be a creative executive on General Hospital. Gives notes to writers when all she really wants to do is be one.
  • 2012: Gets first staff writing job on FOX’s The Goodwin Games. (See previous Scott Foley comment.)
  • 2015: Starts writing for the CW’s iZombie, created by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, the same people who brought you Veronica Mars. Pro: dream job. Con: bruises from pinching herself all day in the writer’s room.
  • 2016: Debut novel, NEVER EVER, is released. Meanwhile, Sara is still pinching herself.


Besides starring in her own life, Mabel also stars in an Audi commercial and has her own instagram.